Wednesday, July 16, 2008

nestled in some texas sage

this praying mantis is perfectly camouflaged among the foliage. I was so elated to find this little guy in my backyard. I almost didn't notice him. as soon as I did, I nearly jumped back I was so surprised. then I just stood there in awe for a moment before realizing I needed to get my camera!


Jilly said...

How lovely. We have those here in the south of France.

Thanks so much for your comment on Monte Carlo DP today. I love Botero too. There are several in Monaco. Am glad to have found you. You are not in the list of blogs under North America - and I don't believe you show up in the portal? hence my not knowing about you. You live in a wonderful place.

Thanks for comment. - Jilly
Menton Daily Photo & Monte Carlo DP

Kate said...

What a splendid capture!

Lily Hydrangea said...

Hi Jilly, I'm not in the portal because my daily photo doesn't represent a city.Long Island is a detached part of New York with many towns. I see it as one big island and feel compelled to photograph all sides of it.
Thanks for stopping by!