Tuesday, February 10, 2009

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

please click on this photo to see more dunkin donut's details

remember when I tried to get a shot of this dunkin donuts and then the truck drove by and blocked everything? plus it was snowing like crazy so the whole scene looked like a picture from somewhere other than what you see above. it's not that this isn't pretty, it's just that this is a bad photograph. go here to see the better one. if you take the time to stop and smell the roses here on long island, you will notice it is a very beautiful place. this post is a part of my world and I hope you enjoy it. please go here if you'd like to share a bit of your world or if you'd like to see other people's worlds from all around the planet. happy tuesday everyone!


magiceye said...

looks splendid in the enlarged version!

chrome3d said...

It´s a real restaurant with drive-in that sells mostly donuts? We don´t have those here.

Marites said...

it looks better in enlarged version. the place looks so clean and i just love the blue sky above.

Babooshka said...

Doughnut's. I wish. Have to rely on the local supermarket to stock them. This place would be just great to have on the doorstep.

Connie said...

There was a Dunkin Donut store here, that was closed. It never opened up again and now it is torn down. Dunkin Donuts are good, I wonder why the knocked it down. Oh well, a lot of things are going out of business these days.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

now did you stop in for coffee and a donut :)
thanks for sharing with us.
have a great week.

Hyde DP said...

The only thing wrong with this is that it really needs cropping to cut out all those ugly power-lines (why so many I ask myself - are there trams about? - reminds me of Russia).

I love the snowy photo of the pallette-truck.

Louise said...

I love the attraction the East has with Dunkin' Donuts!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that sees the 2 birds in the sky? Funny how I looked right pass the power lines and saw the birds. I guess some us are just so used to power lines. Is this the same as 'not seeing the forest for the trees? :-)PGma

allhorsestuff said...

OUr last DD jsut turned into a "Heavenly Donuts" have not been there yet. We tend to go to "Krispy Kreme" for the Hot and now free melt in your mouth glazed.
This made me smile!

allhorsestuff said...

Hay there now...thanks for signing up to"Follow/Lead/Share" on my blog!

Lily Hydrangea said...

Thanks Magic Eye!

Hi Chrome3d, they actually just sell coffee, tea & hot cocoa, & mostly donuts, but also cookies & muffins too, oh & the middles of donuts, they sell them too. You can go inside & sit down or you can order from the drive through.You can smell the sugar from a couple of blocks away when they are baking.

I agree Marites, that is when I noticed the birds that PGma was talking about.

Babooshka, you have a neat Pub posted on your site today that I found rather neat!

Connie I am sorry to hear about your DD. I don't get them more then a couple times of year, but I do enjoy them when I indulge.

Good Life,I wanted too,but I didn't!

Hi & thanks Hyde, The wires are there to serve the large population in the suburbs. I don't know if there are any towns in Long Island that have their wires underground- now that would be nice! Does anyone else know?

Yes, I saw the birds PGma!

Hi Louise! Thanks for stopping by & all the work you do for these wonderful memes.
; )

allhorse, I love Krispy Kremes. but they are far & few between around here!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a pretty nice photo. Lots of nice things in it -- sky, tree with bare branches... structure... nothing blocking the building... ;-) They all add up to make a fine photo.


Janie said...

No doughnut shops in my little town, more's the pity. I wouldn't mind a few glazed or cinnamon ones right now.

Grammy said...

Thanks for sharing your world. I love the photos. We had one on St. Louis when we lived there.
Have a great week.
Missouri, USA

Pietro said...

I like this photo. It's a wide landscape with a particular atmosphere.

Lawstude said...

simplicity is beauty. sometimes, rural is much better than rural for a change.

Let me share to you My World thru Cagayan De Oro's Night Cafe.

maryt/theteach said...

Good shot! A Dunkin'Donuts is always a great place to photograph and visit! Yum, Lily! :)