do you see the bird?

please click on photo to see birdy and his shadow up close

he was so still and so close and I almost rode my bike right past him. the massapequa preserve was quite busy yesterday. I'm guessing this guy had a job to do standing guard. deeper in the woods I could see what looked like his mate keeping her nest warm about twenty five feet from where he stood. and I am probably imagining this but as I snapped a dozen or so pictures while marveling at how he didn't mind me being so close, it really seemed like he was posing for me!
this post is part of "shadow shot sunday" hosted by hey harriet. please go here if you'd like to see more interesting shadows. happy sunday everyone.


Pietro Brosio said…
This picture is so fine, Lily!
How I enjoy it! :-)
Anonymous said…
Very cool -- to be riding along and spotting this bike.

Sylvia K said…
What a terrific shot! I love it! Perfect for Shadow Shot! How great that you could catch it!! Have a lovely day!
What a great picture..beautiful. The goose was a lucky shot and came out wonderful. Good job..Happy SSS.
whizkid said…
Yes, i do spot the bird! what beautiful, and warm photo :)
A Wild Thing said…
Now there's a confident Canada goose...must be scouting for a mate...
I believe you are right....he is posing! Looks like a lovely day to ride your bike out & about!
bobbie said…
I so love the Massapequa Preserve. A great place for bike riding.

I'm sure that goose was guarding a nest. Long about Mothers' Day every year, there are lots of goslings.

Very nice Shadow Shot!
Ruminations said…
Beautiful capture ... of a lovely spot and interesting story too ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
MyMaracas said…
He does seem to be standing guard, doesn't he. I love the play of shadows here. You must have had a lovely ride!

Thanks for stopping by at mine and for your kind comment!
maryt/theteach said…
Magnificent shadows, lily! I see the Canadian Goose! Ha! :)
Sherrie said…
Awesome capture of shadows and shot! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!

Chubby Chieque said…
Fantastic & naturally catch!

So, envious of you.

Cheers for a sunny Monday.
Babzy.B said…
very nice bird !
That looks like such a wonderful place for a bike ride! I love all the shadows in your shot. Especially the Mr. Goose's!

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