Monday, February 21, 2011

a mellow yellow boar's head sort of morning

another iphone picture. I couldn't help notice the sunrise illuminating this boar's head truck. today is mellow yellow monday so please head on over to drowsey monkey's mellow yellow monday meme and join in the fun.


Kay L. Davies said...

You and your iPhone take good pictures! Love your heading, too. Had me thinking "A mellow yellow boar's head? A who?" because they're not provision providers out here.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Bibi said...

There is (or maybe was) a cafe here whose name translates as Boar's Breath....I'm not sure that would inspire me to have a coffee there....a boar's head, maybe!

Alexa said...

I spent the weekend with my mom in Massapequa and we went to the deli yesterday just to pick up some Boar's Head cold cuts. It's good stuff—and you're having way too much fun with your new toy, my friend! (Seriously, well done.)

Marlene said...

Nice photo, Never heard of Boar's Head but I am intrigued. Hope you are feeling much better these days.

Kitty said...

oh I like the slightly distressed look of this image, Lily.

Hope you are enjoying the long weekend. Are you folks getting snow, too?