a mellow yellow christmas in july


there is something about the idea of christmas in july that I always find very appealing - not that I actually celebrate it. I just like the idea of giving during this time of year. many people are just as poor in july as they are during the holiday season yet understandably so, our attention is often turned to other things during the summer. note to self - donate to my local food pantry!
if you feel so inclined, please visit drowsey monkey's mellow yellow monday meme to check out all things yellow. & don't forget to add your own bit of yellowness too!

& a big thanks to ian for contributing his fine photo to long island daily photo!


Anonymous said…
HI! I lOVE Block Island! So glad you know about it!
So few people seem to know about that dear island!

We were there in August 2009 - rented a cottage with family - my Hubby's family always summered there.

It's so great without too much crazy hubbub like on other summer islands around New England.

WIll you get there this summer?

We're transplanted to South Florida!

AM YOUR NEWEST FOLLOWER, too visiting from the mellow hop!

Happy Monday-
beachside cottage
Alexa said…
An important reminder, and a great shot from Ian! At my job, we do Christmas in September—most magazines work 3 months ahead. It does take away some of the real holiday anticipation for us, I'm afraid.)
Thérèse said…
A good reminder here. Food pantries are empty over here and there is a need for helpers. Christmas spirit in July is a great idea.
dianasfaria.com said…
Hi Linda, nice to meet you & thanks for the follow - going to pop over to visit you as well!

Alexa, you're so sweet.
: )

Hi Therese, I've heard that food pantries are low in the Summer, I think that may be how Christmas in July got started, due to that shortage. I wish I could remember where I first heard of it.
Pat said…
A 'hot' motel, it seems!
when I first visited Canada and USA, I saw all those Vacancy signs at the motels. I thought there were job vacancies.
Daryl said…
Well done Ian .. and its always a good time to give back!

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