Tuesday, August 16, 2011

peter pan on manhattan avenue in brooklyn


last weekend I ventured into brooklyn to visit the brooklyn flea. their website said rain or shine. unfortunately the torrent of rain the metropolitan area experienced sunday was just too much and not one vendor showed up. the upside was I got to explore different parts of brooklyn while searching for a place to eat. I didn't stop at peter pan's but I like this picture. how is the weather by you?
to share a part of your world or just see more of others, please go to "that's my world tuesday". a big thanks to klaus for hosting with his team of helpers, sandy, wren, and sylvia.  

I just found out that klaus peter, the founder of this meme, 'that's my world tuesday" passed away last thursday. my heart goes out to his friends and family.
R.I.P. dear klaus. 


Anonymous said...

The umbrellas say it all... Nice shot!

Christine H. said...

Here in the land of rain we were very impressed with your deluge. We do rain, but not like that!

While Dallas had 40 days of temperatures 100 degrees or more, we haven't had a single day over 90 this year in Portland, OR. Can't say I mind.

P.S. Thanks for the card!

Anonymous said...

Playing in the rain is appropriate for in front of Peter Pan. Eternal youth!

Alexa said...

I hope you try to get to Brooklyn Flea again—it's fun. (And contact me; I'd love to join you!) That rain was something, wasn't it? Your photo of the flooding was pretty impressive too. SO sorry to hear about Klaus.

Daryl said...

How sad to hear of Klaus' passing ..

And the gal in the hoodie, she so sees you!

Bibi said...

Oh, for a doughnut all the same, rain or not.

Lawstude said...

oooh. i love donuts.