two witches for halloween


I found these not so mellow witches hanging on the wall of my son's old elementary school and immediately knew they would be part of today's halloween post. it amazes me that young children can create something both so whimsical and frightening at the same time. happy halloween everyone! to see more mellow yellow, please visit drowsey monkey over at mellow yellow monday.



Kay L. Davies said…
Definitely ghastly old ghouls, these witches!
Great captures!

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel
Kim, USA said…
The first one is scary for me ^_^

Collage of Roses
Babzy.B said…
i'm scared !!! ;)
Thérèse said…
Terrific and your writing says it all!
Happy Halloween!
Chrissy Brand said…
Really horrible!

Anonymous said…
Have to wonder if the creator was simply creative, or maybe a bit angry? HA! Well, you just never know. LOL
Daryl said…
Imagination to be encouraged
mari said…
I LOVE the colors! Happy Halloween. Are you dressing up for the occasion? We're not. But Mimi is going to be a ladybug. Someday she might just want to be a scary witch!
Lowell said…
Little kids, huh? Which witch is witchier? Maybe they're both evenly witchy!

Happy Halloween!
grandma, why is your nose so big?
Kitty said…
ha. The teeth on the lower one are great.
Nice catch Lily. I hope you got a lot of visitors last night.

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