like circus font


after a few days of dreary grey weather it was nice to get a glimpse of our winter sun illuminating everything so brilliantly for one last thrill of color before sleep. as traffic came to a standstill, ian pointed out the circus like font on the truck next to us and acted quickly using my iphone to capture the image. it's hard to believe not a single person beeped their horn to try and push us up ahead to the red light. perhaps everyone else was captivated by the sun's magic too.
this photo was created using only available light and an old iphone camera. check out the neon green cab below. pretty neat huh?
thank you ian.



Anonymous said…
Got to show this to G, he was one of his buyers years ago. PGma
Cindy said…
It does look like circus font. And the last four letters are "show" which really catches the eye. even the first few letters are found in "The Greatest Show on Earth."
Very cool!
Lori Skoog said…
We have not seen sun in days...hope it comes our way. Happy New Year. How are things moving along in Long Beach?
Yes, so bright and clear. Love the back of trucks, great photo op!!

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