Sunday, June 30, 2013

the bridge to robert moses


yes, robert moses is back in business! last friday hubby & I were at the beach by 9am hoping to get there before the thundershowers. other than the lifeguards and us, only two people were there. we sat right at the water's edge and spaced out for a couple of hours doing absolutely nothing. the experience reminded me of those commercials you see in the wintertime flaunting the Caribbean. it was divine.
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louis la vache has posted some historic photos of the making of the golden gate bridge I think you might enjoy.



Louis la Vache said...

Great, Lily!
«Louis» thanks you for your participation in Sunday Bridges!

He has little time these days for blogging, so he hasn't visited your blog in a long time. He is really happy you contributed to the meme and hopes you'll join in again soon!

Daryl said...

looks like you had the beach all to yourself .. lovely

Linnea said...

Nice sturdy looking bridge! And what a lovely beach scene. Stay cool!

Alexa said...

SO glad this beach is open. Bet there will be a few more people there this weekend!