Thursday, August 29, 2013

boston cream pie in providence


one night when ian was home he and his dad and I wound up watching bizarre foods in america. the host, andrew zimmern, was describing a bakery known for its delicious baked goods emphasizing its brick oven that he's never seen the likes of in all of america. at the end of the segment they mentioned it was located in providence, rhode island. you can imagine our delight upon hearing this since we knew we would be moving ian back to school just a few days later. 


you can see my inadvertent selfie in the window reflection above and more interesting reflections below in the display window's close-up.


pictured below is what ian had. he always shares his food with me but after sampling a piece of this, I can't believe he let me have a bite - it was that good.



Alexa said...

Yum and yum! Think I may have gained a pound just looking at this post.

blogger tset said...

Hi Lily-H,

Hm, Boston cream pie! I miss many of the American cakes and pies here in Switzerland, and also some of the breads, like the rye with caraway seeds.

Thanks for coming by and saying hello on my Villigen blog.

Bibi said...

Oh, my gosh....that Boston Cream Pie...I've gotta make one now, oh, yum.

Kitty said...

good thing this place is in RI and not down the street!
It looks divine.
hope you're enjoying the long weekend, Lily!