Sunday, September 1, 2013

goodbye august


is there a month that goes by quicker than august?  last night anthony and I went to the MET yet again. yesterday was the last night of their civil war photograph exhibition and I figured the museum might not be so crowded during labor day weekend. with everyone driving out to eastern long island, we drove into the city in record breaking time and found free parking a block away from the MET. the exhibit was amazing. I think I learned more about the civil war in that one show than I ever have - plus it made me want to learn further about the war in the future. does anyone have any good civil war books they would care to recommend? unfortunately no one is allowed to take photographs of the civil war photos exhibited but the above scene I noticed, upon exiting the museum, reminded me that it was the last day of august. the MET has recently switched from their iconic metal buttons to paper stickers printed with the month and date of your visit. people leaving the museum can creatively dispose of their stickers by adding them to this "collage". below you can see what the old metal ones looked like. if you look carefully, you will also see the tops of a purple one and another green one below the blue button. with the old metal buttons, each day of the week was assigned a different color. at the end of your visit you could either recycle your buttons or keep them. I found these on ian's bulletin board in his room. here is a short article from wnyc website if you'd like to read more about the MET's decision to make the switch. I really liked the old metal buttons.


Thérèse said...

The best would be to go to one of the reenactments to have fun while learning:
Goodbye August! :-)

elizabeth said...

You make me really want to get to up to the Met.
I need to go -very lazy!

Daryl said...

love that visitors have made art of the new 'button'

Bibi said...

What an interesting post. I occasionally read about certain events in the Civil War, and would really like to learn more.--prefer the metal buttons, too.

Alexa said...

I liked that exhibit so much, I went to see it twice. The last time, I got a metal button and my friend got the paper version (not sure why—maybe because I'm a member?), but you know I saved my button. :~}