Thursday, November 28, 2013

happy thanksgiving and here comes santa claus


our annual tradition, handed down by my mom, is that we faithfully watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade on the tele every thanksgiving morning. usually this means we just leave the tv on and watch bits and pieces of it as we enter & exit the living room. this year ian won't be home until the last bit of it which is crucial since if there is one thing we never miss, it is santa waving hello to us at parade's end as he officially ushers in the christmas season. 


Bibi said...

That was a tradition in our home, too, when I lived in the US. I was told that 'Santa' will bring me a TV like that to replace my ancient one.

Lily Hydrangea said...

Do you believe this TV is actually outdated already? & we've only had this one for a little over 4 years!

Alexa said...

I used to work along the parade route, but never took advantage-- because I had to get out to LI and help make the yummy turkey dinner. :-)