Monday, December 9, 2013

winter has officially arrived


it snowed yesterday! yay! sort of... anyway, I was in providence this last weekend to see a play ian wrote and directed (yes I am a very proud mamma) called life deprived. it was SO good. unfortunately I was more nervous than I realized and only took three pictures inside the theater - all of which were blurry! fortunately, his play went really well. the cast was amazing! Ian was also fortunate to have the supremely talented aaron whitman playing his very own original music throughout the play that fit the story of life deprived perfectly. below you can see my blurry picture of the writer/director himself. and above, is the yellow orchid at the coffee exchange, my favorite coffee shop to visit in providence - an ideal antidote for today's wintry weather. happy monday everyone!



Alexa said...

That's such exciting news about Ian! As for the snow, I can't get too excited unless it keeps me from getting to work (and it never does). :~{

Bibi said...

Congrats to playwright Mama and of course to her son!