Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jonathan Adler in Soho


As I opened the door to let Priscilla outside to take care of her necessary nightly business, the fresh air that surrounded me was filled with memories of spring. Have you noticed it as well? 
 I've also been uninspired in the picture taking department as of late which led me to this shot from my archives - a photo I took sometime last Autumn in Soho while on a trip to Manhattan. I did a quick google search to see if I remembered how to spell Jon's name correctly and discovered he is now hawking his goods at JCPenney! Unfortunately for me he does not have anything at Penney's that even remotely resembles the $2500 Moroccan rug I greatly admire from his original website. I must say, I do like this picture very much though. 


Thérèse said...

Yes you are right there is a unique scent to spring when it fills the air for the first time in the year.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Windows can be so inspiring.

Bibi said...

I am drawn into stores like this like the proverbial moth to a flame.

Kitty said...

ah, the winter blues had me in its grips, too. It's been tough, with the overcast skies. Didn't it seem overcast every single day???
Very nice capture, Lily. Love the reflections!