Wednesday, June 4, 2008

long island expressway

also known as the l.i.e. . this was taken 7ish AM today heading west during rush hour. I used to hate driving on this road with all of the big trucks. now I like it. I have found the truckers to be the safest drivers. This is reassuring when you are sharing the road with lots of them. I've also noticed many improvements in traffic flow too. I'm rarely in a traffic jam, unless there is a major accident of course. the expressway also boasts pretty plantings adorning the road. though my favorite part of the l.i.e. is that you get a nice view of some beautiful big sky, which I love-even if it is a rainy day.


Petrea said...

I've found the same to be true of truckers. They have all that tonnage behind them, so they have to drive safely. Some people don't know how to drive a car near a semi, though.

Lily Hydrangea said...

Hi petrea, I know what you mean, it can be a scary thing to witness on the road when I see a car in a semi's blind spot!