Monday, June 23, 2008

the mansion at the village club of sands point

here we were at another graduation party. if you would like to know more about this manor's history, go here. just below is the inner courtyard of the mansion that served as an elegant dance floor where the disc jockey played music while the children danced. they had a lot of fun.


Petrea said...

Oooh, the lower photo is quite haunting. I wanted to click on it to enlarge it but couldn't. The windows are dark. I can see the corners of the courtyard above and it makes me feel hemmed in. I'm so glad you didn't crop that because it's a great effect, it serves the photo well.

Lily Hydrangea said...

Thanks Petrea! I wish I could have captured the light that was there that day. It was actually a beautifully lit up courtyard! I'm not sure why the second photo doesn't enlarge.I'm still new at all this but it is something I would like to find out about because I do love enlarging the photos-you can see so much more.

Petrea said...

Capturing light--that's something about camera settings. I'm still learning. I've got a 200-page manual and I've read about 3 pages of it.

I like the shadows in your photo. That's what makes it so interesting for me. Still, I know what you mean. You see something, but the camera doesn't necessarily see the same thing!