Thursday, October 30, 2008

old westbury pond

located on post road in old westbury, this is one of my favorite little detours. On the occasion I need to get from the long island expressway over to jericho turnpike or northern state parkway, I sometimes use post road as a short cut. heading south on post road, from the LIE service road takes you half way around this small scenic pond complete with pretty trees and ducks. sometimes if I'm not in a rush I loop around the entire pond once or twice pretending I'm in the country for a moment before heading out to the larger more congested roadways of our island.
have you ever taken the prettier road even when it takes more time to do so?


Linda (SE PA) said...

More good memories to think on for the early morning hours. Thank You!

At one time, I lived in Suffolk and worked in Nassau and often, when traffic was what it was, took this shortcut.

It is a wonderful spot hidden in the midst.

bobbie said...

I have done it and still do it all the time. I much prefer back roads.

Your photo is so lovely, with its gentle fall colors.

luvmyboys said...

I love these little peaceful places that we run into in the midst of congestion.

I love to just stop and park, if I can, get out and walk, and then get back in the car. If I'm lucky, that calm mood will stay for awhile (or at least until the next aggressive driver comes along! LOL!)

BTW, thanks for visiting my blog. I've added my email to my profile. Thanks for thinking of me!

Jay said...

Oh, yes, I have taken the prettier route on lots of occasions! It is so worth it if you have time.

Your picture looks so peaceful and calm.

Lily Hydrangea said...

Hey Linda I'm glad you remember this place, given its location it seems pretty safe from development!

So do I Bobbie, life is too short not to take time to stop and smell the roses.

Hi Luv, thanks! I will email you shortly.

Hi Jay, thank you & thanks for stopping by.

Morty said...

I learned how to drive on the back roads of Old Westbury, Muttontown, etc. Our '68 wagon only had an AM radio which my dad left tuned to 1050-WHN. Not only did I become a country music fan as a result, but I would often imagine that I was driving through the very country Waylon, Willie, the Bellamy's, etc. were singing about (mentally tuning out the sight of multiple mansions, of course). I went to school at the nearby New York Institute of Technology. The campus there seemed literally cut right out of the forest. I recently re-visited those days via (what else) my own blog. There was rumor back then that one of the buildings was truly haunted. An interesting thought for this time of year!! Great Picture, By the way! I always loved this pond. Everytime I drive past it makes me feel young(er) again!