Monday, May 23, 2011

inspired by van gogh

Vincent Van Gogh in Manhattan

notice the tagline, 'a cut above the rest'. as we walked by, my son made an observation about this company's capitalizing on vincent van gogh's mental illness. I guess the distance of time makes his suffering ok to poke fun at. perhaps being a fan of van gogh makes me a bit more sensitive to this tactic but I must admit seeing the ear being moved by a dolly in this illustration made me smile.
whatever the case may be, the idea of having someone else do your moving for you is always appealing to me. however I have not always been able to indulge in the extra costs involved in such luxury. most times I just rent a van and do the heavy lifting myself. the next question inevitably is where does one get the van one needs? a quick google search dispensed a zillion opportunities but one stuck out that made it possible to arrange such luxury. ANYVAN is a company that provides its customers with courier and delivery services specific to your needs. you simply describe what you need moving, your collection and delivery address and the dates you need to move & voila! anyvan provides quotes from various transport companies that you can choose from! how cool is that?


Alexa said...

I've seen this truck around town. On one hand, it's
kind of amusing; on the other hand, I definitely get Ian's point. Either way, it's a great choice for Mellow Yellow Monday!

Daryl said...

I hear you .... sorry I couldnt resist .. and those movers are terribly clever

Lesley said...

yeah... maybe they should have stuck with just the sunflower.

Kay L. Davies said...

Yes, a cross between amusing and creepy, but a super photo for Mellow Yellow.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Thérèse said...

What could I add to what was already said? :-)
Well seen Ian!

clavs said...

Happy MYM! sorry for the late visit. mine is here sis! :

Mel Cole said...

Very bright child, though I did not know much deep side of the artist Van Gogh but his paintings are sure wonders. Thanks for dropping by my entry. Btw, could I ask a little favor from you? Could you leave me a comment in my contest entry here: Hoping to win so I could buy new baby clothing for my second baby due this July 27th.