Monday, December 17, 2012

christmas at the americana manhasset


these lights really caught my eye as I was driving past the americana manhasset upscale strip mall earlier today - so much so I pulled into the parking lot in order to get a closer look. not nearly as endearing up close, the first thing I thought of was, ughhh! christmas lights...and, some of the lights typically are already without power. last night I strung the lights on our tree with my usual mixed emotion. one side of me loves the challenge of getting every single light to work on each string, feeling great satisfaction when I plug it in at the end and see our tree beautifully lit up. the other side just wants to run to the store and start off with a whole new set, but my green consciousness of course, never lets me. what about you? do you ever string up christmas lights?



Thérèse said...

Not this year...
but from far it looks great.

Daryl E said...

thats one time when a close up isn't better ... but its bright and light ... i wish i had lights i would string them like a frame around the front windows

Alexa said...

The close-up view is not as attractive, but it's very interesting to see how they created these "stars." I always enjoyed the real tree once it was up and lit—but I don't miss everything we had to go through to get to that point. You have my sympathy. :~}

Kitty said...

wow, what a tangle of wires on the 2nd photo!

We have lights on our balcony but turn them on only once in a long while. I'm very much like you, sparing in my energy use. ;-)

Hope you are well, Lily!