Monday, December 3, 2012

Grimaldi's Pizza and the Brooklyn Bridge

At the end of last summer Ian and I drove to Brooklyn so we could walk over the Brooklyn Bridge together. Part of our plan was to eat lunch at the famous Grimaldi's Pizzeria. By the time we arrived in Brooklyn we were starving and the line out the pizzeria's door was already down the length of it's block. Since the people waiting did appear to be moving, we figured we'd tough it out. Big mistake. See this old fashioned coca-cola truck? when we first noticed it we were enamoured with its classic appeal. After staring at it for at least an hour as we waited, in at least 100 degree heat, we were like totally dying for a coke - then we got really really cranky. Looking at the coke truck, watching the guys carry cases of the old fashioned type coke bottles to the back door, having to step back so they could get past us with the ice cold coke bottles - which of course made the whole scenario much worse. Wishing the coke truck would just drive away already since it was so gigantic it basically blocked our view of the entire street and maybe if the truck magically disappeared, suffering from heat prostration would be all the more bearable because at least we'd have something else to look at other than the thousands of evil ice cold coca-cola bottles packed away inside the coca-cola truck.
But - this is the funny thing about our experience, as much as we were annoyed by pretty much everything at that point, we decided (while standing online) that we would definitely be ordering a coke with our pizza. Good branding must work on the subconscious mind this way because as fired up as we were about trying grimaldi's legendary pizza, the first thing we ordered once seated at our table were two cokes. Crazy huh? I should tell you though, the pizza was excellent, totally worth the wait.


We had ice cream at the deliciously amazing Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory after walking across the bridge and back. Insider's tip: you don't have to wait on a long line inside the factory, there is an ice cream cart right next to the outdoor cafe that serves cones with the same daily flavors that they serve inside. No one seems to notice this, so there is no line at all. They also have tented seating with cute little tables you can eat your ice cream at while enjoying an awesome view of the bridge.

Sorry for all the hipstamatic iphone photos, I got a little carried away.
I can't make up my mind if I love them or hate them.



Thérèse said...

Worth the wait and a fine way to treat the pictures...

Daryl said...

LOVE them!!! and the day i did the walk, the line outside Grimaldi was just beginning to form ...

Alexa said...

I've never gone near Grimaldi's when there wasn't a line. Waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the pizza notwithstanding, sounds like a great day—and I know just how you feel about the iPhone photos. (I do like these though.)