Tuesday, March 12, 2013

rainy morning


this picture just about sums it up as far as today's weather is concerned. I was waiting at a red light this morning when I noticed the fluorescent rain coat this crossing guard was wearing to protect herself against the traffic - and believe me it is not unwarranted protection either! traffic here on long island is crazy like an ant hill. oh, and, by the way it is 6pm and it still hasn't stopped raining.


Kay L. Davies said...

Ideal rainwear on that crossing guard. No need to think of fashion in a job like that.
I spent my working life on Canada's west coast, where rain was the order of the day and snow on the roads a rarity. Now, in Alberta, I find people take snow for granted and don't like driving in the rain.
Excellent photo!

Alexa said...

What a great shot! (In the city, it stopped raining just long enough for me to walk over the bridge.)

Thérèse said...

Such a good summary!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

This looks a little like Perth today Lily, only for us it was the first rain in more than three months and very welcome indeed. Love rainy day images.