Thursday, March 14, 2013

habemus papem franciscum


it became quickly apparent the world's catholics had a new pope when saint kilian's church bells began ringing non-stop yesterday afternoon. the first jesuit priest and the first from the "americas" ever - was elected pontiff yesterday. perhaps this will be a defining moment in history. I heard that upon hearing the news the people of italy abandoned their cars and ran towards the vatican hoping for a glimpse of the white smoke. I wish I were there to see it with them.


Daryl said...

seems like a true man of the people

Alexa said...

About time they chose someone from Latin America—and a Jesuit. I think it says something good about him that he chose the name Francis (after St. Francis of Assisi, I believe). But is it Francis or Francesco (or perhaps Francisco)?

Anonymous said...

A new start? PGma