Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Poopy Pouch's...What's New in Farmingdale

 During a recent walk to our favorite mailbox, Priscilla and I were both surprised to discover the free poopy pouch dispenser in our Farmingdale Village Green. Personally I am already prepared with my own poopy bag compliments of my NYTimes delivery service - who happens to wrap my newspaper in a plastic bag sized perfectly to accomodate Miss Priscilla's "business". I mean, that is what recycling is all about, right?
Whatever the case, it is good to see these pouches available to our community at large. Sometimes I forget to bring something for the take-away and from what I have seen during my walks with Priscilla, sometimes other people do too. Recently I have read many different opinions on the matter of dog walking etiquette. I just assumed it was standard practice for people to never let their dog pee or poop on other people's property. Priscilla is always on leash but it seems that male dogs are harder to control where they pee, stopping with no more than a half second's notice. Some dog parents I know make sure to have their dogs do all their business before they leave their own property so they are walking purely for exercise & the socialization that is afforded by their sniffing all the scents their animal counterparts leave behind.
Due to her size Priscilla is very easy to control but I do let her get her share of sniffing in. Sometimes I get worried that my neighbors might think that just because I let her sniff in front of their house, means she will leave something behind. If she does, it is strictly on the curb strip and if it's number 2, well, that's what the poopy pouch is for right?
I am extremely lucky that I work from home and between her trips in and out of the house all day and her daily walk, Priscilla gets plenty of activity which is very important for her health both physically and mentally. What do people do when they are away at work all day? Do they have a neighbor or professional dog walker come to help walk their dog? I know wee-wee pads are good for smaller dogs but what about the larger ones? I just heard Rover has recently branched their dog walking services out to Long Island which must be a huge relief for those of us who need the help. For me, walking Priscilla is one of the highlights of my day, but if I couldn't walk her, I'd still want her to get a good walk in, even just for the exercise. Like the human she thinks she is, Priscilla is always in the best mood after some exercise!

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