Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pneuhaus Art Installation in Providence, Rhode Island #tbt

"..creating architecture out of air, and color out of light, they perfect the ephemeral gesture." ~ Leora Maltz-Leca on the work of Pneuhaus.
Pneuhaus is a design collective that created the structure above. Ian mentioned they were exhibiting for a few hours outside in downtown Providence and suggested I bring his grandparents to see it. As soon as I walked inside the very large inflatable tunnel like structure, I noticed my skin color change as the light outside the inflatable affected the inside color of the "room". I also loved how this piece was so toy like though more beautifully made and with more integrity than any inflatable toy or bouncy house I've ever seen. No one I was with was in any hurry to leave and they loved talking to the creators who answered all their questions about the art with infectious enthusiasm.
This little slice of heaven was a welcome retreat during a busy three days in Providence RI last week. Thank you Pneuhaus.

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