Thursday, April 17, 2008

ben's deli

my darling nieces clued me into Ben's Deli. I had no idea the deli had such a nice restaurant inside. from the outside I just guessed it was like a regular deli where you would take food out.

this is cream of broccoli soup with rye bread. one word - fortifying. I'm big on soup and when I realized this deli was kosher the waitress explained they made the soup with non-dairy creamer. as soon as you sit down, they bring you a bowl of pickles & fresh coleslaw. minutes after we ordered the soup it was sitting in front of us with a basket of sweet smelling rye bread. I craved some butter with it-wondering aloud to my son if they served margarine but I was too timid to ask! next was some potato pancakes that were so thick I thought they may have mistakenly given us chicken cutlets. the apple sauce that accompanied them tasted homemade. I'd go back there in a second.

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