Saturday, April 5, 2008

these trees are everywhere

I think long islanders are so used to seeing them they wind up not even noticing them, but they are all around here. I can see two right outside my back yard and there is one across my street. the one pictured here is at my son's school. it is one of many that are on his school grounds. they are beautiful and native to long island. I know it is a type of pine tree but unfortunately that's about all I know. I tried searching here to no avail.

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Anonymous said...

Thats what called a pitch pine by some and a scrub pine by others . They are indigenous to Long Island and also I think parts of NJ . The entire water shed area here out in eastern suffolk is basically scrub pine and scrub oak forests . That one looks big leading me to believe its growing in an area that is maintained ( and watered) . In nature they are quite small and scrubby . An interesting fact about pitch pines is they need periodic fires for the cones to open and drop the seeds within . At one time before long island was heavily populated ( hundreds of years ago ) fires were a common part of the life cycle of the pitch pine forests. Now of course they are controlled and it actually has changed the make up of the forests . If you like plants Lily you have to go to Planting Fields Arboretum up in Upper Brookville I guess it is . Gorgeous place . One last thing , I spoke to someone in East Hampton about the copper beech tree you had pictured elsewhere and the news isnt so good. I didn't think that old tree looked too healthy in your pictures . It had very few leaves on it. allan