bonfire at the beach

Bonfire on Long Island Beach

another great way to spend time at the beach. I don't know if bonfires are allowed at other beaches on long island but you can do this on at least one montauk beach and a lot of people like to take advantage of it. there are rules one must abide by. you have to make sure you are far enough away from the dunes, you need a bucket you can fill with water near your fire & you have to dig a pit to start your fire in. the town has a guy drive up and down the beach in order to enforce all these rules. they aren't jerks about it either. for instance, one time we were lacking in something and they didn't fine us, they just told us what to do. I hope everyone who is reading this isn't working today. whatever the case may be, happy labor day to you and yours.


bobbie said…
And a happy Labor Day to you!
Fashion Schlub said…
ahh, a beach bonfire - that looks wonderful! i don't think i've done that since high school. yep, nope, I DEFINITELY have not done that since high school. sigh.

*note to self: do more fun things

bettye said…
Thanks Bobbie, you too!

Bettye you absolutely have to do more fun things. Thanks for stopping by.
; )
Beautiful shot! I have a couple of terrific memories of bonfires on beaches in Maine.
Marcel said…
Happy Labor day to you too and thanks for your visit to my blog and your kind words.

Who doesn't love a bonfire.
Anonymous said…
How fun to be around the bonfire. Happy Labor Day to one and all!

Pietro Brosio said…
Great atmosphere around the bonfire!
Excellent picture.
Kitty said…
A bonfire and bbq pretty much symbolize the summer. I guess you can have both til the fall months without a problem.

There's such a feeling of intimacy around a bonfire. It's really nice.
Lydia said…
A bit late, but Happy Labor Day. This is a great shot. We can have beach fires on the Oregon beaches, too, and there's nothing quite so wonderful smelling! My husband has this week off from work and we're doing day trips - hopefully one to the beach. said…
I hope everyone had a nice labor day.
Kelly a bonfire in Maine sounds exquisite. I used to go camping in Maine when I was a kid, it's so beautiful there.
Thanks Marcel, I plan on going back too.
Thank you too Pietro.
Kitty, it's true, that's what I like about them. It's a nice way to relax with company.

Lydia, you're not too late! I hope you have a great time with your husband. We just did a similar vacation over here. It's nice taking the time to check out what's close enough to drive too in one day. Have fun!
Leedra said…
Looks cosy. Still too hot here. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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