Thursday, September 4, 2008

mister softee


I have been reading a lot about the end of summer lately and I can't help but think, if mr. softee is still coming around, how could summer possibly be over?
I happen to think he's one of the best deals in town. almost everyday we hear him in the distance playing the least obnoxious music out of all the ice cream trucks in our neighborhood. this warns us to drop whatever we are doing and go fetch a few dollars so we are ready to stop him as he drives by our house. the ice cream is creamy and the cones are always fresh. if you would like, he'll even dip your cone in that chocolate or strawberry topping that coats the ice cream in a shell.
we don't feast on mister
softee nearly as much as I'd like, but I must say that when we do, it feels like the perfect summer day.
and here's an interesting tidbit, did you know that mister softee is now in china?


Morty said...

Mister Softee is part of a normal routine on the rare days that I get out of work early enough to pick my son up from camp/school and take him to a local park. The truck is parked out there daily. I'll miss that as the warmer weather takes it's leave. Once again, perfect timimg as I briefly summed up Summer '08 on my site.


Bill said...

Luv Mr. Softee, ever since I was a kid.

Lydia said...

Mister Softee is in China, but not in Oregon? Weird!
Fun post, and here's to a few more good weeks of summer weather!

Lily Hydrangea said...

wow Morty, a normal part of your routine? You're a cool Dad!

I have liked him since I was a kid too. Thanks for stopping by Bill.

Yes Lydia, let there be sun!

Anonymous said...

I haven't had a Mr. Softee in years. I haven't really seen them around. Hmmm...

Paz (who'd love an ice cream treat right now)

Arnold Layne said...

Mr. Softee is by far my favorite ice cream producer - even better than Carvel! I heard it's owned by Dairy Queen, so it's basically them making up for the fact that they have no stores in New York.

It is sad summer's coming to an end, but Mr. Softy could come in the winter and I'd still buy it.

aileendee said...

I just moved from New Jersey to Hawaii and I never thought I'd say this... but my body kind of misses the "end of summer" ritual of cooler-weather clothes!

As an interesting tidbit to your interesting tidbit- I visited the Mister Softee China truck (and store!) in China and it is awesome! They have flavors that make strawberry topping sound like vanilla... like kiwi, mango, beans?! Here is their website: