gracious shadows

please click on photo to see shadows up close

taken from the store "gracious gestures" in garden city. notice the reflection of the blue sky in the upper left hand corner of the photo. it was just starting to get dark outside and the sky was turning that really cool evening blue.

if you'd like to see more shadows, please go here thanks to tracy from the lovely "hey harriet" blog.


Lovely shadow view. I'm starting to carry my camera everywhere but haven't yet started taking pictures inside of stores. Nifty ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
chrome3d said…
The light on the painting and books is so warm and inviting.
Martha Z said…
Gracious shadows indeed, the look of a time gone by.
Daryl said…
Charming .. my fav sort of shop .. shabby chic!
Chubby Chieque said…
I see the lamp shadows too. One can tell the blue skies...

Very smart shot!

Happy SS
bobbie said…
Very gracious indeed. A charming photo
Sylvia K said…
That is such a great shadow shot! Looks so warm and inviting and definitely the look of a time gone by!

Happy SSS!

Is it not enough
that light and shadow marry
at Gracious Gestures?

My Shadow Shots
Dianne said…
gracious indeed
love the bit of blue
Janie said…
The room setting looks cozy, and I really like that bit of evening blue.
Pietro Brosio said…
Very refined image, Lily.
Your photos of interiors are always so interesting! :-)
Very different kind of a photo! Looks nice!!

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Anonymous said…
I love the title and the shadow shot.


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