Wednesday, August 12, 2009

today's letter is D

please click on photo to see bridge details

all my blogger friends call me lily though my "real" name is diana, a name I equally like. so when I met some blogging friends over by the brooklyn bridge last june, bibi from "a yankee in belgrade" laughed as she found this on the bridge while walking across. of course I had to take a picture!

today is abc wednesday thanks to mrs. nesbitt. please go here to see what others thought of the letter D.


Alexa said...

Perfect time to post this serendipitous find—and reveal your real identity! I had such a great time with you and Bibi that day—and hope you are enjoying Italy even more right now!

Nori said...

"Oh, please stay by me, Diana..."
you know this song.
Yes! Paul Annka's "Diana"!

I've met him almost 12 years ago, at Hiroshima station!
This is also true!

Kitty said...

ha. Well, I'm sure more than a few Dianas have made their way across.

Daryl said...

Fabulous find ..

Pietro said...

Very funny! :-)