Thursday, July 22, 2010

the gateway to long island...

I should say, one of the gateways to long island - at least from manhattan, that is. earlier this week I posted pictures of my journey down 32nd street towards penn station. this is the view right before you cross over 7th avenue to get to it. if you look closely you will also notice part of the sign for madison square garden, a large arena housed above the train station and mainly used for sporting events and concerts. 
only one more day before friday! what are your plans for this weekend?


Pietro said...

Interesting image of the nice and modern station, Lily.
On Sunday I'll go on a trip to the mountains.
Happy Thursday!

KaHolly said...

Looks like a busy place!! ~karen

Bibi said...

I remember Penn Station especially from trips to NYC when I was little.

--My plans for this weekend? Son's getting married on Sunday!

Fred Miller said...

Thanks for this little tour.

I'm going to be as sensual as possible and maybe eat some chilled grapes.

Kitty said...

ah yes, there it is. Many people's first glimpse of New York. I wish this building were nicer looking.

We don't have any plans, really. Just recuperation. How about you?

Marlene said...

Great architectural photo, but I am still glad I do not live in the big city. This weekend is a bridal shower for my granddaughter.

Alexa said...

I've spent a lot of years coming in and out of this place on the LIRR!
This weekend, I'd like to say I'm gonna stay cool, but instead I'm borrowing a pickup truck and a few willing friends and moving some furniture.

Daryl said...

I am meeting an old high school friend, who I reconnected with on Facebook, for lunch tomorrow .. massage and beautification™ on Saturday .. Sunday is spent Flea Marketing followed by brunch with another friend .... and you?

Lily Hydrangea said...

Pietro, that sounds like bliss!

Congratulations Bibi! How exciting! you must be thrilled.

Fred, you totally crack me up.

Kitty , I know exactly what you mean. It's especially frustrating when you think of the structure Penn Station replaced!
It's kind of funny that I like this photograph more than I like what I photographed.
I'm going to do my best to try and fit in the beach this weekend as well as work on some refinishing projects around my house. I would love to go see 'Inception' too.

Marlene, Have fun at your bridal shower!

Alexa, You're not moving out of Brooklyn are you?

Daryl, you sure know how to live!

Janie said...

Interesting to see Madison Square Gardens. I've heard of it all my life and never saw a photo of it.
Penn Station looks like a busy place.
We're going riding for the weekend, always my favorite thing.
Hope you have a good one.