Tuesday, April 19, 2016

It's Springing Inside the Massapequa Nature Preserve

Sunday morning at 7AM on the nature trail to the Massapequa Preserve I noticed we are definitely in the season of Spring. Such a treasure this trail is for all those who care to partake of its pleasures. Yes, you can still hear traffic on some parts of the trail more than others, but it's not obvious. What beauty you can see more than makes up for what noise you can hear from the cars passing by on the roadways that run next to parts of the trail. It was a small miracle I got there so early Sunday but so worth the effort since the trail can fill up quickly on a warm sunny weekend day. If a quick retreat from the concrete and over crowding on Long Island is what you need, the Preserve is a definite antidote to aid in seeking your serenity. 
Check out this chillier looking scene of the Nature Preserve from three years ago this month.

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