Monday, April 18, 2016

H&M's World Recycle Week also Coincides with Earth Day this Friday #WorldRecycleWeek

Recycle your unwanted clothes at H&M and get 30% off your entire purchase! Bring in a bag of used worn out clothing, stained, torn  - even old towels or sheets can be brought in. H&M recycles these items into clothing, rugs, and even the dust that is generated as fabric is recycled, is used! If the clothing can be still worn it is distributed to second hand goods. Check out their very short video at their site here at H&M World Recycle Week.
I plan on using this opportunity as motivation to clean out my closet, putting all my winter clothes away and donating all the warm weather clothes I never wear anymore.
Any way I can avoid adding to the mountains of garbage on Long Island by recycling whatever I can always makes me feel good!

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