Friday, April 29, 2011

george washington at boston's public garden


the last time I photographed boston's public garden was three years ago and it was a sunny day. with the exception of today, long island's weather has been dreary and grey most of this last week, much like what you see in this photograph I took a few days ago. Somehow the foggy weather seems to compliment the silhouette of the beautiful equestrian statue of George washington.
if you'd like to gaze at more wondrous skies from all around the world or if you'd like to add your own sky, please visit the skywatch friday meme, thanks to klaus and his team, sandy, wren, and sylvia.
a manhattan equestrian statue: an angel in new york


VaishVijay said...

Misty and has a mysterious look, good shot.

TQ for visiting & following:) It means a lot, now am following me you too!

Naturedigital said...

A great photograph of the statue against the misty background.

Thérèse said...

Fog is very rewarding with photos. This one is.

Birdman said...

Maybe my favorite statue in Bean-town! So powerful in a strange way for me.

Alexa said...

Wonderful shot! Looks like we appreciated the very same fog up in Massachusetts. It does lend a certain something, doesn't it?

Virginia said...

This proves what I've been saying for a long time, "Fog is your friend!"

Kitty said...

how pretty?!
The trees in the background look perfect in this weather.

Are you on a school tour Lily? What an exciting time!

Kay L. Davies said...

So beautiful!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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jo©o said...

Riding through the gloom.
Impressive statue.
Very nice photo, with the gates and all.

Rebecca Dupree said...

What a great picture!

Anonymous said...

So romantic in the mist.