Saturday, February 9, 2013

Miss America


There she is...Miss America. I know, she is wearing her Halloween sweater - only because it's nice and long and protects her belly fur from collecting clumps of snow.
Every time we have a big snowfall it is tradition in our house to shovel a path in the backyard that Priscilla can run around in. Half way into making her path I figured I'd stop and catch my breath for two seconds and take some pictures of her. Would you believe she barked at me to continue shoveling her path?
Like my mom says, "Priscilla rules!"


Lori Skoog said...

Could she be more adorable?

snowwhite said...

Oh, she is an angel!!
This year Nara has scarcely experienced snow falling. I am waiting for snow.
Have a great week!

E Wix said...

Very suitable outfit!
loved it.
I think you have more snow than us in the city!

christopher said...

A special treat indeed.

Kitty said...

oh my goodness!
There is nothing like a little dog with personality!!!

Give her a hug for me!!!

ps. thanks tons for your note. I've been so stressed lately. It came at the perfect time!!!