Tuesday, February 26, 2013

pneumonia, golf at the beach and thinking of spring

thank you everyone for leaving such nice comments about my last post! it's been a little crazy the last few days but the good news is, ian is feeling so much better! the bad news is he came down with pneumonia last weekend, "a complication of the flu" is what his doctor called it. but the good news is - he was home when he came down with it so he was very lucky, had he been in college he may have wound up in the hospital. apparently there has been a spike in flu cases in rhode island and many of his fellow classmates are coming down with the flu as well. when I told ian how the flu was attacking everyone at school, he likened it to him having been airlifted out of a battlefield. 

in other news I came across this photo while searching my archives for something bright and cheery from long island. taken one early morning last spring while out for a beach walk with a childhood friend, we stopped for a moment to check out the view of the golf course at robert moses state park.


Alexa said...

Won't be too long before this kind of weather arrives (yay!). Meanwhile, glad to hear that Ian is right where he belongs for now.

Bibi said...

Glad he's better. Young people recover well from pneumonia, as a rule, unlike older people. This photo indeed is a breath of fresh air.

Daryl said...

glad to hear he is on the mend, having had pneumonia several years ago i can attest to its being easier to treat/get over than both the flu and the common cold!