Thursday, December 16, 2010

a little harp music and a neon manger

 I've never been to a high school winter concert where a harp was featured alongside a woman's chorus. the ensemble performed 'tomorrow shall be my dancing day', a traditional english carol arranged by john rutter. on the way home we passed a neon type of manger. please see photo below.
sorry for the late post. things went awry upon my arrival home last night. I found my husband had cut his finger opening a can of tuna fish and required stitches. so, we spent the remainder of an already late evening and today's early morning hours in the emergency ward. don't worry, he's already back at work with eight stitches and a large bandage. afterall, tonight is his office christmas party!


Bibi said...

Missed this post! I like to go to Christmas concerts, but will miss them this year; in India from the 18th.

Ow. Sorry about your hubby's finger. Tuna cans can be nasty

Thérèse said...

High schools have awesome programs!
Your hubby will certainly receive a special attention tonight!

Pietro said...

Lily, the harp concert looks fantastic.
I hope your hubby is well now.

Kitty said...

eek, eight stitches is a lot!
I'm glad it wasn't any worse.