a.l. stickle 5 & dime store in rhinebeck & we have a winner !

a big congratulations to roger from the blog 'ramblin with roger', you have won the $100 gift certificate to csn stores!
thanks everyone for playing along!
: )

 when is the last time you've seen plastic tablecloths sold by the yard? or a beautiful display of old fashioned hairnets? before you leave, check out the ribbon display down below. I came across stickle's 5 & dime last autumn while visiting rhinebeck and have been wanting to blog about it ever since. while doing a little research on the store I came across this really cool blog called 'return to bohemia' by kitty sheehan, who had done a  great post on stickle's. if you love interesting bits of history, check it out here.


Kay L. Davies said…
Congratulations to Roger! $100 is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, as they say in Alberta. (I don't, but 'they' do.)
I love the photos of the Five and Dime. Imagine a Five and Dime in the 21st Century. How wonderful. I don't which I like best, the rolls of plastic tablecloth or the cardboard cut-outs wearing the hairnets.
On second thought, the cardboard cut-outs are classic!
Fabulous post!
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Channal said…
Scent of the 50´s

Lovely... Anna
Pat said…
Well, to answer your question of 'when's the last time....?" I can say I see these items fairly often on the open markets here and even in some shops. But I really, really miss the Five and Ten Cents stores I knew as a kid. Thanks for this nostalgia.
Pat said…
P.S. Here's some Belgrade oilcloth!
Lori Skoog said…
Well, I have finally caught up with your photos. I'm especially wild about the trees and shadows. Outstanding! Is that boardwalk in Long Beach (where I used to walk when our daughter lived there)? And that guy in the water has to be nuts!
Kitty said…
ah..very cool!
I love the old timey feeling.
Marlene said…
Congrats Roger! Very nostalgic pics. We had a store here that sold vinyl like that but they removed their fabric section about a year ago, I miss that.
Thérèse said…
I must say we find them around here and if I had a real use for them I would buy a ton of them, they are more and more attractive...
Good pics.
Erika B said…
Oh, I love old stores like that! Just look at all those gorgeous ribbons.

Erika B
Daryl said…
I love stores like that and congrats to Roger!
Congrats to your winner!

I miss the Woolworth five and Dime stores!
What a fun store!! Perfect for pre-Christmas gift wrap shopping. Or post-Christmas gift wrap stocking up shopping.
Pietro Brosio said…
Beautiful post, funny store!
yay, me!
I guess I can't say that I NEVER win these things anymore! Thank you very much!
Kitty Sheehan said…
Thanks so much for the kind words about my blog and post!
Stickles is such a great place!
Very nice to find your blog too.

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