Monday, May 23, 2016

"Pink Flynn" from Rhode Island School of Design's ISB Gallery

A couple of weeks ago while visiting my son at the Rhode Island School of Design, I also made sure to visit the RISD Illustration Gallery. If you're ever in Providence, I suggest you check out their ISB Gallery located in The Illustration Studies Building at 55 Canal Walk. Below is a description of this insightful children's book pictured above. As a lapsed Vegetarian, I can very much relate to the storyline in terms of what happens when one makes a radical change in their life. Basically, not everyone around the person who does the changing likes it so much. The good thing is, you find out who your true friends are. Illustration is a means of story telling and to me this story is about learning how to be true to yourself while also understanding your impact on those around you. Pink Flynn is a story about the reality of life that all of us as humans will experience in one way or another. The beautifully executed illustrations help soften the blow of the reality of this thought provoking story, as the reader can't help but take pause and ponder the imagery encouraging us to think about what it takes to evolve in this complicated world.

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Merisi said...

Gorgeous illustrations, thank you for the book tip! :-)