Monday, May 2, 2016

Let's Spend the Week Celebrating Mother's Day

I love Vincent van Gogh's work and in my mind Madame Roulin & Her Baby is exquisite. Can you imagine how someone who lived in the year of 1888 may have felt seeing art representing a mother and her child so boldly - both in color and texture like what you see here? If you are a fan of Vincents, you can see this piece along some of his other work at The Metroplitan Museum of Art.
For me a perfect day trip to Manhattan includes a stop at The MET for a hefty dose of inspiration as well as recreation. Long Islanders are so lucky we live so close to this treasure of a gem.

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Sharon Anck said...

I wish I was there! The Met is the first place I go when I visit New York. There are just so many wonderful things to see there.