Thursday, May 5, 2016

#tbt circa 2009 When I had 3 Kids Living at Home..

Now I only have the hairy one in between the two others pictured here. The one in the loafers is no longer a kid anymore and he's graduating from college next month! Sadly, our silver furred feline Sylvia is no longer with us - but our memories of her will always be, God rest her soul. She became a mother on our property. I heard her kittens mewing by our basement window as I gardened not 5 feet away. It was such a mysterious sound and when I got closer I discovered 4 newly born kittens. I felt such fear for them and their mother - who was nowhere to be seen. I kept my distance from the newborns sensing their mother knew exactly what was happening. I instinctively knew if I could do nothing else the mother needed to be fed if her kittens were to survive. I had to leave my property for food and by the time I returned, she had moved the kittens. I left a large plate of food outside and watched from the window as she ate very quickly. Every night after, she scaled the large backyard fence at 6pm to eat her supper. This was the day we bonded as mothers. She trusted and respected me and I her. I miss you every time I think of you sweet Sylvia. 
Wherever you are, happy Mother's Day.

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