Monday, September 7, 2009

labor day on long island

please click on photo to see sparkly water up close

please excuse this interruption from italy while I say happy holiday to those of you who are celebrating labor day here on long island. after all the less than ideal weather we have had here this summer, I am happy to report that this long weekend has been splendid. saturday I got to go to robert moses, my beach of choice. the ocean was amazing, warm enough to swim in with waves that were fun but not intimidating. so, how have you been spending your time this weekend?
don't worry, the rest of this week I will be posting my last few photos of italy!


Bibi said...

Inviting scene. Labor Day, or its equivalent here, is May 1st, so this weekend was not a long one for me. But it was well-spent, though not in the water.

Daryl said...

It was chilly here on Sunday after a very hot Saturday .. but that's the East Coast for you ... I hope you are enjoying a lovely Labor Day Monday!

Alexa said...

Well, if you have to interrupt the beauty of Italy, this is the way to do it! Enjoy this gorgeous weather, Lily. I live a block from the West Indian Parade route, so I'll have background music all day.

bobbie said...

that's a gorgeous beach scene.