Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Sunset Not Seen During the Summer Months


Another memory from last year in December. As I perused my archives, I noticed this sunset was on the north side of this side of Robert Moses Fire Island National Seashore. I usually visit the lifeguard protected beachside for swimming purposes in summertime, a time of year when the earth is tilted in such a way as to obscure the sun from view long before it goes down.
Long story short, this is another good reason to visit Robert Moses Beach in winter! #myFavoriteBeachonLongIsland

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Selfie at The Bagel Shop

How can this image seem like yesterday and so very long ago at the same time? Taken a year ago this month almost to the day actually, this photograph represents a mundane shopping activity instantly turned precious by the fact that I was accompanied by my old partner in crime. Intrigued by the exceptional store front art gracing the windows of this bagel shop in Plainview, Ian and I stopped a moment to take advantage of the photo op. Of course not realizing I was also capturing a memory of our outing together - as evidenced by our distinct mother son silhouettes taking center stage. Photography is good that way in how it makes time stand still, allowing us to relive important moments in time.