Sunday, November 30, 2008

christmas wreaths at home depot

unfortunately I wasn't christmas shopping at the home depot this weekend, but I couldn't help noticing the shadows displayed amongst the christmas wreaths while shopping for household supplies. the sun was streaming inside the outdoor section of the store causing even the most mundane things to appear extraordinary. it always amazes me how light transforms everything. thanks to dear tracy over at hey harriet's, if you'd like to see more shadow shots, please go here.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

bond... james bond

in america it is a popular tradition to go to the movies the night of or the day after a big holiday. last night I finally got to see quantum of solace. I always like the beginnings of james bond movies. the graphics and music in this one were no exception.
when is the last time you went to the movies?

Friday, November 28, 2008

skywatch over track and field

please click on photo to see much greater details

walking through my neighborhood on a very cold Autumn late afternoon, the sun was starting to go down when I noticed these clouds floating above a group of buildings across the middle school's track and field. I noticed the sun seemed to shine only in the background of this scene while the foreground had a shadow over it. the light made me ponder how different the sky is this time of year. the days are shorter and before you are ready for it, the daylight hours come to a quick end and it's suddenly dark out. according to, on this very day we only have nine and a half hours of daylight in new york. I don't know if I ever get used to such short days.
if you'd like to see more beautiful skies, please go here.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving

I wanted to dedicate today's post to everyone who is spending thanksgiving alone. maybe it is someone who is in a hospital or a nursing home or someone who has family and friends that are far away. whatever the case may be, happy thanksgiving to you.
I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who stops by here to pay me a visit. I love writing this blog, but it wouldn't be any fun without you, so thanks.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

snowman in the suburbs

does anyone remember that winter about ten or so years ago when it seemed like every week we had a blizzard? it snowed so much, we were literally snowed "in" on a regular basis. this photo was taken around easter time. yes, it was a long winter that year!
today is abc wednesday and the letter for the week is S. I don't know why I thought of snow right away. according to this article, the farmer's almanac predicts an unusually frigid winter this year while the national weather service predicts a warmer than usual winter. I keep thinking we are going to get lots of snow. what do you think?
if you'd like to see other representations of the letter S,
please go here.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

this is my world...

please click on this photo for added details

and this beautiful sconce at the gerald schoenfeld theatre is a big part of it. living in long island allows one easy access to broadway shows and makes it somewhat affordable. last sunday I got to see Arthur Miller's play, all my sons. I enjoyed it immensely. the play was quite sad, but the actors were all such exceptionally passionate performers, I just couldn't take my eyes off of them. they were so intense, I wondered if they must be completely drained after their performance. each one of the characters seemed to be able to draw you into the story a bit more than the last, leaving you wanting to know how it all could possibly turn out. it was so good. sad, but good.
leaving the show, we quite unexpectedly stumbled upon the stage door where the actors exit after the show. barricades were set up to allow them a free passage way in which to walk. Diane Wiest came out first, signed a few autographs and quickly got into her car, then Katie Holmes did the same. I had wanted to ask Ms. Wiest to sign my playbill, but I became starstruck as she walked right next to me! I couldn't get the question out, but I did manage to tell her she was great in the play. the autograph seekers broke into applause when John Lithgow exited and the excellent Patrick Wilson was last. I managed to get both of them to sign my playbill. they were so patient and obliging with their sharpies at the ready. in between the stage actors exiting, mary tyler moore and meryl streep both separately left the theatre as well. I'm guessing they were backstage visiting the actors from the show.
personally, I can't get enough of broadway. I think it is one of our greatest forms of entertainment ever. just seeing the show was really enough, but I had to share this experience with you because it was completely unexpected and so much fun. it also seems like this is what makes new york, NY!
if you want to see other stories from around the world, please go here.

Monday, November 24, 2008

giant frosty anyone?

please click on photo to see greater detail

do you think this is odd? I kind of like these kitchy kind of things. I think most people love a home cooked meal more than anything but fast food can be a quick way to get a cheap meal making it a very tempting proposition. personally my favorite fast food is pizza. what's yours?
if you'd like to see some other "odd shots" go here and check out katney kaboodle's blog roll on her sidebar.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

christmas tree with sea shells

I wonder if people in other parts of the world share plants with their neighbors. I'm guessing that of course they must. my neighbor has an especially green thumb and is always offering me extra plants that seem to sprout up out of no where all around his yard. earlier this fall I was over his house digging up a crepe myrtle when he offered me this little christmas tree as well. I thought I would plant it in this pot & keep it by my door so I could look at it all winter. it turned out that today it was casting lovely shadows as well. if you would like to see more illustrated shadows please go check out hey harriet's shadow shot sunday over here.
happy sunday everyone!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

last leaves

please click on photo to see more leaf details

winter is approximately one month away but you would never know it from the cold snap we've been having. it's been absolutely frigid the last couple of days. the weather seems way to cold for this time of year! thursday's wind nearly finished taking what was left of the leaves. I wish the autumn didn't go by so fast. luckily I came upon this tree with a few golden leaves brightly shining just as the sun was going down. tomorrow I will try and do some last minute gardening. what type of plans do you have for the weekend?

Friday, November 21, 2008

skywatch over marcus avenue

please click on photos for greater detail

we have had dull grey skies all afternoon. it wasn't until I was headed into this office building when I spotted something interesting enough for today's skywatch post. there are two skies here, one in the window's reflection and the other just above the building. this office complex in new hyde park is huge and takes up quite a bit of space. the cool thing is, is that there is
a lot of room for the big open skies that surround it. as I was leaving the parking area I saw this next scene.
if you would like to see more beautiful skies from all around the world, please go here.
enjoy your weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

snowflakes on main street

it's that time of year again. these holiday lights were just put up a couple of days ago. I drove by tonight and noticed they aren't lighting them yet. I remember seeing them last year and they really looked pretty lit up as the sun was going down. the sky was getting darker but still had some blue in it and there was just enough contrast for the warm color of the lights to compliment the cobalt blue in the sky.
do you notice all the power lines in the corner of this photo? I know, they are kind of hard to miss. at least they aren't too noticeable when it's dark out.
do you like holiday decorations?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


please click on photo to enlarge for greater detail

the letter for today is R, so I decided my theme for today's meme would be the word religion. I've been wanting to photograph the united methodist church in farmingdale for a while. the light seemed perfect so I finally snapped away. moments later, I happened to hear the artist Sting talking about his music being a religion to him. he then went on to explain that the word religion actually means to connect. I looked it up only to find out that yes indeed,the origins of the word religion mean to tie, fasten or bind. one thing I truly admire about long island is how many religions peacefully co-exist here. in my small town alone there are at least 8 different churches and one quaker meeting house.
please go here if you would like to see other illustrations of the letter R.
thank you mrs. nesbitt for hosting abc wednesday!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

queens county farm museum

yes we have farm animals here on long island. in fact, this is the largest working historical farm in the city. dating all the way back to 1697, it is open year round seven days a week. if you are so inclined, there is a gift shop on the premises where you can buy feed to give to the livestock. please go here if you would like more info about this interesting piece of history and farmland.
when is the last time you have been on a farm?

Monday, November 17, 2008

my local library, a clean well lit place

has anyone ever seen the film wings of desire? remember the scene where they show people in a library with angels over their shoulders encouraging them to read? that is what I always think of when I am in the library.

I love farmingdale's library. it is such a perfect place to go to if you are looking for something to do. they have two big bookcases in the front with all of the latest releases, a huge CD rack & rows of DVDs. they even have books on tape. the large children's library has its own wing within the main library and downstairs are several rooms for classes ranging from tai-chi and yoga to drivers education.
if you click on this photo you can get a better glimpse of the magazine reading room. I just took out three different copies of this old house so I can get some ideas for a few winter DIY projects I would like to do.
do you ever go to your local library?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

sweet sixteen

sweet sixteen parties are a big tradition here on long island. as far as I know it's usually girls that have them and my twin nieces are no exception. the type of parties range from renting a night club a la saturday night fever, to the more traditional venue such as your local VFW hall. my nieces opted for the albertson VFW post. their party included dancing with a DJ who played excellent music. dinner was a delicious buffet with cake and ice cream afterwards. the best part of the night was the lighting of the sixteen candles. this is where my nieces honored 16 people in their lives by saying something significant about them and then asking each one to light one of their candles. it was very touching to see how much they care about the people in their lives by listening to what they wrote about each individual.
have you ever been to a sweet sixteen party?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

leaves falling

notice all the leaves all over the ground? I heard it's supposed to rain all afternoon so I guess that's a good excuse not to rake leaves today! maybe it's a good idea to stay inside and watch movies or catch up on some reading. it's a tricky time of year with all the different bugs going around and getting extra rest is always a good thing, if you can.
what are your plans for this weekend anyway?

Friday, November 14, 2008

skywatch over the hudson river

I am so glad I was able to photograph the sky this week before the rain permanently set in. this is the view from the flight deck of the intrepid, looking out over the hudson river.
I know, this technically isn't long island, but like many of us, I take ownership of this great city of manhattan because it happens to be in the state of new york. no worries, I'll be back on long island saturday!
if you'd like to see more beautiful skywatch photos from around the world,
please go here.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

intrepid's flight deck

this is the gorgeous view you see while standing on the flight deck of the intrepid. I couldn't resist showing this to you when I came across this photo I took from last sunday. I wanted you to get a feel for how gigantic this ship actually is- I couldn't see the other end of it from where I was standing! if you click on the photo, you'll be able to see more details.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the quintessential ny hot spot

please click on photo to see added details of serendipity's interior

known for their fabulous desserts, serendipity 3 in manhattan really is a hot spot, but in a fun unpretentious way. we have been wanting to check this place out for ages, so when we were in town touring the intrepid, we thought we should try it. I first heard about serendipity 3 from rachel ray when she did a review of their frozen hot chocolate. I must say miss ray is correct, the FHC is excellent!
if you want to eat here, it is a good idea to make a reservation, though they don't accept reservations for dessert. we arrived a good fifteen minutes early and were seated within minutes which amazes me since there were groups of people outside waiting to get in.
quintessential is my theme for today's abc wednesday meme that I have been participating in the last few weeks. today's letter is the letter q & this was the first thought that popped into my head. please go here if you'd like to see more reports on the letter q. thank you for hosting this mrs. nesbitt!
have you eaten at a fun place lately?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

welcome home

this last sunday I had an opportunity to check out the intrepid sea, air & space museum. the intrepid foundation began when zachary fisher rescued it from scrapping, turning it into a museum to honor our nation's heroes.
in touring the air craft carrier you actually get the chance to stand outside on the massive flight deck amongst the planes and helicopters from the days when the ship was in active duty. you also see a beautiful view of the hudson river as well as manhattan's infamous sky line.
located in manhattan on 12th avenue and 46th street it is easy to get to from long island.
today is veterans day in america. I felt the above photo is significant in terms of what today is
all about.
go here
for an interesting article about the intrepid and also here for other personal stories from around the world.

MWT Black

Monday, November 10, 2008

the society of st. vincent de paul

do you notice anything odd about these monkeys? I think it's really neat that someone somewhere had the creative inkling to fabricate a monkey in a color most people would never even imagine. this is but a small sample of what you may find at the society of st. vincent de paul. it's a great place to go for household items and clothing for bargain basement prices. I was surprised to find out st. vincent de paul was originally founded by six university students in paris. there are a few of these thrift shops on long island, if you would like to find one, please go here.
also, if you'd like, check out some other odd shots hosted by katney's kaboodle here.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sumac at the Long Island Nature Sanctuary

I find the shadows depicted in this plant beautifully subtle. This was late afternoon over at the Uplands Farm Nature Sanctuary last weekend. The sun was hitting everything with just enough light to make all the farm's surrounding beauty look even more perfect. If anyone knows the name of this delightful plant, please do tell!

update~ Thanks to my friend over at sweet repose, the above plant has been identified as a Sumac!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

turkey anyone?

please click on photo to see turkey up close. photo courtesy of ian.

thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. the only requirement for the day is to say a prayer of thanks and eat a meal, if we are lucky. my son's high school recently had a food drive. with our current economy, many food pantries are not getting the donations they need. if every student brought in just one nonperishable food item, the school would be able to donate 1700 cans of food. my son asked that we donate two. I feel very fortunate that it was as simple as opening up our cupboard and having him choose whatever he wanted to donate. I heard the food drive went really well. what are your plans for thanksgiving?

Friday, November 7, 2008

rush hour skywatch

rush hour on long island can be monotonous and boring which can be dangerous considering the large numbers of vehicles on the road. like most people I tend to drive on auto pilot when I take the same route over and over. I know other people do this as well because of the many times I try and get their attention to no prevail. all I see is a blank stare as they act oblivious to my directional as I try not to miss my exit. sometimes they seem to actually stay in the lane next to me purposely blocking me so there is absolutely no way I can change lanes. all of this has changed since I started watching skies. who has time to get frustrated in traffic when you are busy looking for every opportunity to get a good skywatch shot? if you would like to see more beautiful skies from around the world, please go here.
have you seen any good skies lately?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

yours to treasure...

please click on photo to enlarge for greater detail

is a beautiful little gift shop in the lovely town of massapequa on park boulevard. it's not often you can find a place to shop in without going into a large department store or mall. thankfully long island has some small towns left where you can actually walk down their main street and peruse a variety of interesting shops. this weekend yours to treasure is hosting a holiday open house friday through sunday where you can enjoy some yummy refreshments while you do some shopping.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

p is for priscilla

today is abc wednesday in different parts of the blogosphere. I picked this photo of my beloved yorkie priscilla to illustrate the letter p for a number of reasons. the first one being that I love this little hairball and look for any opportunity to share her cuteness. secondly, domesticated animals are very popular in america so this photo seems like a fitting example. thirdly, I pulled this photo from the archives to remind everyone how lucky we are that it isn't snowing yet!
thanks to mrs. nesbitt, you may go here if you are interested in seeing more illustrations of the letter p.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

organic apples on long island

this is just a small sample of the organic apple selection at fairway in plainview. I try to buy as much organic food as possible. it is good for my family and it is good for the earth. the only problem is, it can be expensive. this is why I love shopping at fairway. they have a wonderful selection of organic food throughout their store at competitive prices. they also have many other tempting foods like the low fat ravioli in their fresh pasta section, a wonderful cheese department and what I believe are the tastiest bagels on long island. there are so many different things that I love about this store I am realizing as I write this that I should probably do more than one post about fairway!
until then, do you believe in the old adage, "an apple a day keeps the DR away?

if you would like to see what is important to other people in their part of the world, please go here.

MWT Black
p.s. if you vote today, go into starbucks, tell them so & they will give you a free brewed tall coffee! pretty cool huh? update~ my son just heard on the news that Ben & Jerry's is giving away free one scoop cones & Krispy Kreme is giving away free star shaped donuts to all those who vote!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I Love This Place

The Nature Conservancy has a beautiful hiking trail at the Uplands Farm Nature Sanctuary in Cold Spring Harbor. It is so incredibly peaceful there. Anyone can drive over and wander around the trails. One early sunday morning I spotted a fox. He stood against the brush like a statue as the morning sun lit up his red fur.
I took this same photo last March when I first started this blog. Go here to see what a difference a couple of seasons make.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

k.d. lang at the tilles center

please click on this photo to see more details

last night, one word...flawless. by the time k.d. lang was half way through singing helpless I was having an out of body experience. an experience akin to being transported completely out of this world into a place and time where nothing else mattered except being there with k.d. and listening to her sing.

if the performing arts are something you are interested in I suggest you check out the tilles center in greenvale on long island. the sound in the theatre is incredible, the seats are comfortable & the spacious theatre is located on the c.w. post/long island university campus. go
here for a schedule of their performances.
if you have young people in your life who are thirteen or older, find out about the high five program at the tilles center box office. signing up for this program enables them to purchase tickets here and at other long island venues for just $5 on the day of special performances. students are allowed to purchase up to four tickets each. this program was started to encourage young peoples exposure to the performing arts. in the last two years we have seen itzhak perlman & the vienna choir boys.
we got the last seats left for the show but that really doesn't matter since the theatre is designed so that every seat is a good seat at the tilles center.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

hanukkah items for your pets

please click on this photo to see items up close.

Halloween wasn't over yet when I found this display at my favorite target store. and don't think people weren't interested. there were three women patiently waiting for me to finish taking this picture so they too could peruse the hanukkah themed items. I overheard them discussing whether or not the stuffed "kosher" toy could actually be kosher.
three years ago I bought my yorkie priscilla a beautiful dress for christmas. although she looked cute enough wearing it, I realized she was too much of a tomboy for a dress. after much consideration I opted for an olive green corduroy coat instead.