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the last day of 2009

x is for exhilarating

winter hike at uplands farm

avatar in 3d

village green in shadows and snow

bethpage state park

christmas morning aftermath

and visions of sugar plums danced in their heads...

black ice and ice melt

w is for what else?...why winter wonderland of course!

holidays at the family grill

what I did during the blizzard...

homemade decorations

reflections on a snow globe

sunset over sunrise mall

glee club and mr. grinch

vintage santa and company

a christmas story...

can you see the christmas trees?

shiny christmas wreath

we have a winner! and some reflections too...

beautiful sunrise and last day to enter giveaway!

the real santa

U is for Unwieldy...

new york city police

a bright spot and a giveaway

pink fire hydrant with shadows

christmas trees in schools

late autumn sky

snow birds

t is for telephone pole

gap dressing room

inflatable christmas

suburban shadows

reflections in a bird bath

it's official...

blow up turkey

S is for stuffed animals

unicycles aren't for the faint of heart

a giant bottle of perfume

blue shadows on plywood

early evening sunset

skies and other interesting things

volunteers needed

r is for red

courageous road crew

golf course in the rain

shadow shot sunday?