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happy halloween everyone!

priscilla being spooky...

morning light with autumn leaves

in the garden

backyard skywatch

why hello there mr. scary monster

parking lot in red

I always liked this building

playful ghosts in westbury

a plant bigger than priscilla

a bouquet of marigolds with something fiery red

more ferris wheel

someone is watching you

the world according to shakespeare

ready for halloween

the ferris Wheel and fireworks at the farmingdale fair

Jesus at the Home Depot

the town of oyster bay

skywatch over providence

cleaning out

under the grapevine (with priscilla)

this was So GOOD!

mellow yellow truck on sunrise highway

looking outside from amy's

Johnny T's NYC Tourist Tips

sunrise over the cross island expressway

greetings from the pigeon club

an old white house and olga's cup and saucer

early christmas at stop and shop causes government shutdown...