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Today's Art

Weldon E. Howitt Track & Field

My Most Favorite Type of Surprise

Chickens for Sale..$9.99 "not Guaranteed"

From the other Side of the Fence

Butterflies are Free to Fly...

Thinking about that coffee I had in Berlin last January #flashbackFriday

I have been thinking about this pretty girl ever since I met her #tbt

Poopy Pouch's...What's New in Farmingdale

Today's Art is brought to you from RISD's ISB Gallery

Like thieves in the Night, the Squirrel's and Birds Stole Most of the Cherries

Let the Cherry Picking Begin!

These were Planted by the Birds..

Love is Love #Orlando

Pneuhaus Art Installation in Providence, Rhode Island #tbt

More Beautiful Sky Over Farmingdale

Sunday Night's Sunset