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wintertime at uplands farm

daisy girl Christmas day

the snowman has landed

this was yesterday

oh christmas tree

a black and white christmas tree

amy's all dressed up for christmas

winter has officially arrived

our empire in the sky

suburban reindeer

black squirrel sighting

still life with hydrangeas and monkey art too

saint joan and margaret mead

black friday anyone?

happy thanksgiving and here comes santa claus

happy hanukkah!

getting ready for america's thanksgiving food coma

I love me some peppermint

winter has arrived

why hello there mr. polar bear

The Eiffel Tower for Christmas only $144.99

her name is dearie

flaming evening skies and sunset at 4:33 pm

christmas at home depot

Greenwich Village and The Magic Hour

it snowed today...

deep thoughts in soho

autumn leaves almost gone

idyllic farmingdale

pretty girls

installation art in soho

last of the mellow yellows

blurry autumn color

this year's tape art from risd

autumn sky over sunrise mall

happy halloween everyone!

priscilla being spooky...

morning light with autumn leaves

in the garden

backyard skywatch

why hello there mr. scary monster

parking lot in red