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gun control on the viking fleet ferry

still life with fire extinguisher

love at first sight

flowers the size of dinner plates

I love this place

a block island landscape

block island revisited

I forgot to show you the lilies...

*designed for spirited performance and nimble handling

just what the doctor ordered

the heat wave of 2013...

coffee at tula's

just in case you missed her...

jesus and friends at the metropolitan museum of art

my green slushy

friday night at the MET

outside at the movies with shrek

Cherry Pie and Homemade Ice Cream

and while on my way to the MET last friday...

nighttime hydrangeas

What To Do During a Heat Advisory

at the MET roof garden

Cherry Pie in the Sky

I keep dreaming of last friday

for the brave firefighters of arizona

I go here once a year