Wednesday, October 2, 2013

an old white house and olga's cup and saucer


last saturday anthony and I took a road trip to providence, to spend the afternoon with ian. during our visit ian gave us a tour of the music building he is taking his brown class in. the brown campus is adjacent to ian's campus at risd and both colleges share classes. this makes it convenient for someone like my son who loves music - since risd doesn't offer music classes. as we exited brown's music building, I couldn't help notice this beauty. 
if you're ever in need of a good place for lunch in providence, I highly recommend olga's cup and saucer. they offer a nice variety of fresh and tasty homemade type of food. it's a long walk to olga's from college hill, but since we didn't have much time, we found it to be an easy drive - plus they had cheap meter parking directly in front of their patio.



Bibi said...

That house is like something from a Jane Austen book....Olga's Cup and Saucer sounds good, too.

Alexa said...

Reciprocal classes are a great idea. (One of my kids went to Haverford and they shared with both Bryn Mawr and UPenn.)

Jack said...

Hi. I saw a comment from you on another blog and was reminded that I have not visited your blog in a very long time. So, I came over here and learned that you have a son at RISD and taking classes at Brown. I went to Brown and my daughter went to Brown. Providence is a great city to spend college years in. Best of luck to your son (and you).